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How we #StayCreative during lockdown

stay creative

Many of us have had a bit more time on our hands while we haven’t been able to go out much or we have been on furlough. During this time the #bmFamily💜💚 has set itself lots of challenges to stay connected and prevent us from feeling isolated.

From picnics to fun runs and store cupboard challenges, there has been something for everyone. One of my favourites was started by Sunil Varma (no coincidence that he won the industry’s chef of the year award in 2018). Sunil’s idea was for everyone to share anything they had done that was creative. He encouraged us to #StayCreative by thinking beyond the ‘expected’. We shared our photos on Yapster– which spurred us all on (and brought out our competitive sides!). The furniture from old wooden palettes was particularly inspiring.

These are some of the creative things the talented #bmFamily💜💚 got up to:

  • Made garden furniture and a tiki bar from palettes
  • Organised a treasure hunt
  • Botanical flower photography
  • Drywall art
  • Driftwood sculptures
  • Model-making
  • Puppet shows
  • Guitar playing
  • Open-mic nights
  • Zoom family cookery lessons
  • Dolls-house decoration and mini furniture
  • Radiator fitting and plumbing
  • Laying carpets
  • Lawn art and gardening
  • Epoxy resin shelf units made from cardboard and leftover wallpaper
  • Painting with alcohol inks
  • Decorative garden wall art
  • Black panther art
  • Photography of empty London streets
  • We painted, carved and sculpted!
  • Art from pyrography – design through burning (who knew?!)

In times like these, it’s easy to shut down, feel isolated, and get into a negative space. But we didn’t – thanks to Sunil and the rest of the #bmFamily💜💚 support. We have #StayedConnected and we were able show how you can #StayCreative to #StayPositive.