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Fruitful World – CSER Report 2021

We are delighted to share with you our BM 2021 Fruitful World CSER Report. It states our goals and ambitions, as well as celebrating our teams’ successes. Since our last report, the entire Hospitality sector has been significantly impacted by COVID-19, which saw many of our clients close buildings and pause both our operations and sustainability projects 

In addition, in late 2020, BM joined the WSH Group. This is now enabling us to accelerate some new and exciting CSER ambitions. You can see our new objectives below. We are now in the exciting throes of finding our ‘new normal’ as our clients and society reopen after the pandemic. Our team members (or #bmFamily💜💚) and clients, expect BM to operate responsibly and live our FOODIES values which underpins our social conscience.

We are continuing to target and report against UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Since joining WSH we have also now joined the UN Race To Zero and are driving a Carbon Net Zero strategy, which dovetails neatly into our previous BM work with the Planet Mark. This is a science- based approach and will be supported by our membership of the Zero Carbon Forum.

Finally, strategic CSER and ESG targets are now a vital central part of operating a responsible business. BM is using these methods and objectives to allow team members to remain at the heart of our business. Hopefully this shines through as you read some of their stories.

Our 2022 objectives

Carbon Net Zero Strategy

Building upon our Planet Mark Award and our existing annual carbon reduction targets, design a science based Carbon Net Zero strategy. Delivered through initiatives including; certified Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) training, electric vehicles to support our carbon neutral fleet and business travel, enhanced food waste management and low carbon menu design.

Sustainable Alternatives to Single use Resources

Pre-pandemic BM were proud to have removed significant volumes of single use resources (plastic, coffee cups, glass and cans), due to COVID hygiene measures, many initiatives were paused or even reversed e.g. disposable cutlery. In 2022, we have targeted to recover all the gains lost in the last 18 months.

Nurture Our Loyal Teams

Focussing on the wellbeing of our #bmFamily💜💚 team members was both natural and essential during the pandemic. Our new objective is to integrate this programme into onsite working, rather than predominantly in the virtual world. We measure our People Strategy progress with the annual Best Companies Survey, our target is a One Star award

Download our CSER report here