Healthy eating and wellbeing at school are vital ingredients for successful learning. As well as affecting physical health, a growing evidence-base suggests there is a relationship between good-quality diets and more positive mental health outcomes. Our expert team of registered nutritionists will provide nutritional guidance for chefs to ensure students eat healthy school meals. And they’ll spark students’ interest to show how good nutrition can be a pathway to resilience.

Feeding the next generation

Eating a varied diet while growing up is important to support growth, concentration and development. Improvements in a student’s food knowledge, such as cooking skills, are also vital for building food preferences and creating an enjoyment of food. Boosting cooking confidence is important for students’ future health and wellbeing. School years are a critical time to develop food literacy, which is the foundation of food choices in later life.

Food, learning and enrichment

To support students’ enrichment and future development our learning program is led by chefs and nutritionists.  The masterclass programme is designed to create a supportive environment to share ideas, think creatively, independently and critically. The aim is to develop skills and knowledge in food and health for beyond school life.

Catering for all diets

Eating healthy school meals includes serving foods that support all diets including allergies, intolerances and personal preferences, cultural and religious needs.

Cooking skills to support students through school and university

Cooking is a valuable life skill which is often linked to making healthier food choices and subsequently improved diet quality. There are multiple barriers to cooking such as time, money and preferences. Hands-on and student-led, our team enjoy teaching students how to cook well and on a budget. It improves their cooking confidence and nutritional knowledge.

Social interaction and healthy school meals

To serve healthy school meals, we have also created positive eating environments that encourage a more conscious approach to eating. During these formative school years issues with food can develop. To combat this, our food marketing is positive, creates mindful eating environments and provides access to nutritional information.

The role of diet in mental health

Mental health concerns can start at a young age, with multiple causes. Childhood and adolescence are a critical window of development and important for establishing good health habits. That’s why we have developed modules that allow students to explore the relationship between food and mood.

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