It’s our fundamentally food foundations that made us who we are today. That’s why Ian and Wendy created this amazing company, it’s what keeps our clients and customers loyal. And it’s what makes BM such a fulfilling place to work – a place where innovative entrepreneurs are valued and where great service matters. You can read more about our values here.

Solid foundations to start your career

From the start, we want everyone to feel welcome and to know what’s expected of them. Your induction, which includes our unique ‘Meet the Directors’ session will give you the foundations you’ll need to begin your career. You’ll have a clear development path and the support of your Manager to enable you to be successful.

Learning opportunities

Everyone will have the chance to learn, develop and progress. You can look forward to a wealth of learning opportunities, building on the great skills and experience you’ll bring with you. All we expect is a willingness to progress and a readiness to learn and embrace challenges.

Career progression

As well as opportunities to move into a more senior position, there are opportunities to move across into a different job role or another area of the business.

The heart of our business

Joining BM means you’ll be part of the #bmFamily💜💚. This is what you can expect.

  • Whether things are good or bad, we’re in it together, because that’s what family does.
  • The#bmFamily offers support and encouragement
  • In the #bmFamily team members talk about everything, they ask questions and listen to one another.
  • The #bmFamily is where you can most be yourself.

Come Join The bmFamily

Current Opportunities