We were delighted to invite suppliers to a ticketed ‘meet and greet’ at one of  our London locations where guests could network with BM’s operational teams. This was then followed by a three-course dinner prepared by a team of bm chefs lead by bm’s Chef Director Pete Redman, with a raffle and auction, with money raised from the tickets, auction and raffle going straight to the charity.

Little Troopers

Little Troopers is a UK charity dedicated to supporting children who have one or both parents serving in the British Armed Forces.

There are approximately 100,000 children whose parents are part of the British Armed Forces community, and they often face challenges such as frequent house and school moves, as well as regular periods of separation from their serving parent or parents.

Through its resources, programmes, events and initiatives, Little Troopers ensures these children have somewhere to turn during times of challenge and change so that they feel recognised, included and supported, both at home and in school.

Long-standing relationship

BM has a long-standing relationship with Little Troopers, supporting the charity’s fundraising efforts since 2011, and founder Wendy Bartlett has been a patron since 2011.

Wendy Bartlett, BM founder, said: “Little Troopers does some fantastic work towards a cause that is very close to my heart, and it’s been an honour to be able to support them where we can over the years. It was great to be able to raise money for them by offering our suppliers an event that not only benefitted them and brought them closer to our BM teams but was also fun and enjoyable for all involved.”

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, said: “A huge thank you to Wendy and the team at BM, not just for this fantastic fundraising dinner, but for the unwavering support you have shown to our charity since 2011. Events like this really do make a big difference to the work we do, and the funds raised will positively impact many of the projects we have planned for the rest of this year.”

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