In just 2 months, bartlett mitchell has funded the build of its first ‘Elephant’ water pump in the Mchinji district of Malawi, after changing its bottled water supplier to Thirsty Planet Spring Water.

The company is projecting that it will now be able to contribute towards the provision of 8 pumps per year through sales of bottled water, with the pumps being installed by award-winning charity, Pump Aid.

Don Seller, Purchasing Director said “We had previously bought another ethical bottled water brand that also funds water projects in Africa, but it had been a slower process than we had hoped. Thirsty Planet is a high quality British spring water that guarantees a fixed donation is paid direct to the charity with every single bottle that we buy, giving a clear and auditable connection to the benefits delivered by Pump Aid on the ground in Africa. For approximately every 1,000 cases of water we buy, an Elephant Pump can be installed in a community in rural Africa, providing clean water and all its associated benefits to hundreds of men, women and children.”

“Our team and customers have bought into the concept; they especially like that we have the capability to fund a significant number of Elephant Pumps every year. Being able to measure our contribution and see tangible evidence of the outcome of our donations really helps to drive home the benefits of buying this bottled water. We’re thrilled to play our part in helping to make a life-changing difference to communities in Africa, by simply doing something as straight-forward as buying bottled water. Thirsty Planet has so far raised over £1.6m for Pump Aid, funding the construction of more than 8,000 Elephant Pumps in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Liberia.”

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