We are delighted to announce the launch of a new post-Covid brand strategy, outlining our vision for 2022 and beyond.

As part of the strategy, we will reshape our business development function by creating an ops-led sales approach, continue to build on our ‘Fundamentally Food’ ethos, and will place greater emphasis on offering social value in the communities we operate in.

The company will now also be officially called BM – an abbreviation which it is already most commonly known by.

‘Fundamentally Food’ has sat at the heart of our proposition for more than 20 years. It acts as a measure for all BM activity, ensuring that our focus is on food, people and fun and is the driving force behind all our business decisions.

With a number of initiatives planned for the coming year focussing on communities, BM will place great emphasis on adding social value by contributing to the long-term wellbeing of individuals, communities and wider society. These initiatives will offer support to a number of organisations, as well as look to build resilience for individuals across its business.

We are further strengthening our people strategy – with major emphasis being placed to attract, recognise, reward and develop team members. We are extending our successful ED&I strategy, with a number of initiatives in the pipeline.

We have also restructured our sales department by placing operational team members at the centre of the business function. The move is designed to offer a more integrated operations and business development strategy. Heather Day and Gregory Hall have now joined the new business development function in order to realise this integrated approach.

The move mirrors the approach adopted in our recent development of Mosaic, a new subscription-based contract catering and FM model launched to offer clients flexible solutions in the post Covid workplace. Mosaic business development is led by BM operations teams, giving prospective clients a cohesive plan for their catering and facilities management services.

Wendy Bartlett, founder, BM, said: “BM has long been seen as a pioneer in the foodservice sector. Our values and commitment to constantly innovating our offer has been at the heart of everything we have achieved over the last 20 years.

“Being independently-minded, the fun we have, and the personality of our business and teams, is what makes our #bmFamily💜💚 so special.

Ian Thomas, CEO, BM, said “Our new vision and approach is going to be hugely important over the coming year.

“We’ve taken some significant steps to ensure that our structure offers an enhanced service for our new and existing clients, as well as enabling us to focus even more closely on developing and supporting our people and our communities.”

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