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Ethical company, ethical people

Ethical company

Ethical company, ethical people

We recently hosted a charity fine-dining supper to raise money to buy an automatic milling machine for a village in The Gambia. This will make a huge difference to many lives, as the time it saves will enable the local girls to attend school.

Three of our team members who helped with the event tell us why working for an ethical company matters.

George, Hospitality Manager

Wendy asked me to run the event for The Gambia project, and when I read about it, I was very keen to be involved. An ethical approach to business is a big part of working at bartlett Mitchell and I like to support these initiatives whenever I can. I work on the company’s largest contract, and my hospitality team is fabulous. So it was great to have them helping out and providing great service, to match the amazing food coming from Pete and his team.

The whole evening went brilliantly. All 24 guests were really happy with the service, and we’d love to help with the next fundraising event.

Steve, Purchasing Director

Working for an ethical company makes you feel good about what you’re doing, and about yourself. For me, events like our fundraiser for the village in The Gambia are opportunities to give something back, rather than always taking out. Not many companies give their staff this kind of opportunity, so I really appreciate it here.

Pete, Chef Director

It’s always a great time when the team and I get to cook together, but this charity supper meant a lot more. Like a lot of people, I tend to take things for granted. We live comfortable lives, and can get hold of pretty much anything we want, when we want it. Not everyone else in the world is as lucky as us, and sometimes it takes nights like this to give you a pinch and bit of a wake-up call. I feel extremely lucky to work for a company with such strong ethics, trying to do its bit for the world and the people in it.