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Launch of central London offsite kitchen


We have invested in a new 1,200sq ft offsite kitchen in Londonā€™s Millbank that will support businesses in the city that donā€™t have their own kitchen spaces.


The kitchen, named Atelier, will expand our capacity further to support building moves and openings where kitchen space is limited or delayed, as well as cater events and fine dining requests for clients with limited facilities.

The Atelier kitchen will be able to create around 1,200 hot meals every day, as well as sandwich lunches and event food such as canapƩs and bowl or buffet dishes. It will boost our ongoing service to six of our existing city clients and provide additional ad hoc event support, such as with themed pop-ups.

Dedicated Chef

Each client will be allocated their own dedicated chef, ensuring menus are tailored to their needs by a chef who knows their culture and preferences, and can build a strong relationship with both the client and customers by attending client sites and events.

Chef director Pete Redman will oversee the space, supported by Nick Wallace Jones, commercial account director. Josh Parker has been appointed general manager of Atelier and Owen Stanford as head chef, who has been with BM for the last six years.

Spoonfed catering management system

TheĀ SpoonfedĀ catering management system has been established as the software solution to manage client orders, streamlining the end-to-end system, and giving the team more time to focus on producing food for clients.

State of the Art

Although already fully kitted out, with a large walk-in chilled storage and dry store space, a hot service pass and pastry kitchen, We have invested an additional Ā£10,000 in ensuring facilities are state of the art. There is also the opportunity to take on an additional kitchen at the site this year.

Pete Redman, chef director, said: ā€œAfter several years of searching for an efficient and comfortable space, this new offsite Atelier kitchen is perfect to give the team the best environment to work in and the scope we need to build upon this model.ā€