I was working as an agency butler at a Japanese bank when bartlett mitchell won the contract there. I then joined the company as a permanent employee. From day one, I felt connected to the bigger picture, working with the company’s owners to help grow the business.

That was over 15 years ago, and I’ve always felt this is an ethical company, where people treat each other with respect and kindness. We’re all about food quality and innovation, and I really believe our principles are more important than money. The food offer keeps getting stronger, and the team has grown through careful recruitment of people who contribute hugely to our progress.

I’ve been lucky enough to develop through many different roles within bartlett mitchell. I came here with no formal qualifications, and limited catering experience, but I’ve been involved in staff dining, directors’ dining, events, weddings, private members’ clubs, government departments and fine-dining restaurants. I’ve even served various celebrities and members of the royal family. Working in these roles, I’ve developed valuable skills in people management, financial management and budgetary control, client interaction and working with client’s consultants. I’ve also improved my IT skills, and learnt new techniques in producing marketing materials, including digital media. Of course, I’ve worked with some very talented chefs here, and discovered a lot about some very advanced foodie techniques.

I’m now looking to build on my operational success and move my career in to human resources where I will be responsible for front of house talent management . I want to make sure the company’s values remain central to everything, and that we attract, recruit, develop and reward the very best people. In every role I’ve had at bartlett mitchell, I’ve received brilliant support from some very able people who’ve taken time to mentor and coach me. I want this generosity of spirit to continue, and for everyone here to benefit from it as they develop.

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