It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ian Mitchell, co-founder of BM, a great friend, and one of the industry’s true greats.

Ian was a caterer through and through, with a genuine passion for people, service, and food.

He always held the highest standards, and everything that BM is today stems from the most generous, jolly, and loveliest gentleman you would ever be likely to meet.

Ian’s love for life and his unwavering pride in our #bmfamily were evident in every interaction we shared.

He was a beacon of positivity and generosity, always quick with a smile and an encouraging word. I can imagine him urging us to raise a glass in his honour.

Reflecting on our journey together spanning more than 35 years, I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of calling Ian not just a business partner but also my dearest friend.

The memories we created and the support we offered each other are treasures I will cherish forever. We will miss him dearly, as will so many people from across our industry.

While we mourn Ian’s loss, let us also celebrate Ian’s remarkable life. His memory will continue to inspire us, guiding our actions as we carry forward his legacy at BM.

Please join me in extending our deepest condolences to Ian’s family and particularly his wife Angela.

For those who wish to share memories or extend condolences, we have set up an online condolences book where you can leave your thoughts and reflections. Your words will serve as a source of comfort to Ian’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Wendy Bartlett, Co-Founder, BM Caterers

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