We are delighted to have raised over $10,000 (around £7,500) to enable Nicaraguan coffee co-operative Soppexcca to build a biscuit factory.

To supplement their income, especially during the months between coffee harvests, the seasonal workers employed at Soppexcca’s drymill factory began making biscuits using sesame seeds and honey. The co-operative required funding to enable them to build a factory for manufacturing.

Wendy Bartlett MBE, founder and chairman of bartlett mitchell, said: “I was struck by the women’s drive and determination. When I found out how much funding they needed, I knew that our team would be happy to rise to the challenge. It’s gratifying to know we have helped to provide a sustainable alternative source of income for the female members of the co-operative.”

Through various fundraising activities, including raffles and quizzes, the bartlett mitchell team were able to support the development of the project which also enabled them to buy manufacturing equipment.

Fatima Ismael, general manager at Soppexcca, added: “Through the joint efforts of UCA Soppexcca and bartlett mitchell, we have managed to provide these women with a different, hopeful working life.

“In addition to continuing to support the noble work of processing coffee in our processing plant, they also have their own enterprise with the biscuit factory, as well as a means of sustainable income for themselves and their families.”

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