BM’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ are putting themselves through the Henley Tough Mudder this Saturday to raise funds for forces children.

Led by our joint MD Antony Prentice, on 18 May nine BM team members plus three friends and partners (including Antony’s long-suffering wife) will be taking on a five mile hardcore obstacle course including a field of wires charged with 10,000 volts, a 40ft net climb and a four-degree ice pit.

Henley Tough Mudder

The Henley Tough Mudder is renowned as one of the hilliest and most technically difficult events, and the team are really going to be put through their paces.

Representing BM are Natasha Boshoff, Andrew Petford and Kim Pardington from the ops team; Jessica Galan Diaz from marketing; Deniz Inceer from sales; as well as site-based chef managers/chefs Rich Terry, Sintija Merinets and Jack Mcharg.

Supporting Little Troopers

The team is aiming to raise at least £1,000 for the Little Troopers charity, of which they have so far raised £310.

Antony said: “Natasha did a Tough Mudder last year and has been teasing me ever since about doing one, so I agreed we could if we did it as a team and raised some money for charity for our efforts. I’m really proud of the hard hours the team have put in to train for this. I’ve been at the gym six to eight times a week for the past two months while others have been cycling, running, and circuit training – as the name suggests, it’s going to be tough going, but it’ll all be worth it if we reach our fundraising target.”

Little Troopers supports children who have one or both parents serving in the British Armed Forces, of which there are around 100,000 in the UK. Moving home and school every few years can be challenging for children, so Little Troopers provides resources and initiatives including separation packs, birthday cards, wellbeing videos, and a Little Troopers Gazette newspaper, as well as a recently introduced therapy programme and residential breaks.

Louise Fetigan, founder of the charity, wrote for us recently about why military children need support and what the charity does to help them.

You can donate to the Dirty Dozen on their fundraising page here.

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