Boutique caterer, bartlett mitchell, has created three fresh and exciting new customer concepts for its workplace restaurants and cafés. Soupa, Raw & Ripe and Deal-licious use innovation and creativity to ensure the dining experience leads the way with the latest food and drink trends that meet consumer demand.

A new Soupa hero


The new Soupa concept puts the humble soup centre stage with a creative twist and a strapline inviting consumers to ‘Make a meal of your lunch’. bartlett mitchell’s executive chef, Pete Redman’s fresh take has injected a new lease of life to traditional soup recipes and is proving a real hit.

From a hearty cock-a-leekie to a health-conscious skinny roasted beetroot, the options are varied and the appeal broad, with seasonality firmly at the core of all menu creation. Tasty ‘add-ons’ – from palmiers to savoury muffins – accompany the Soupa range, enabling customers to create a satisfying lunch or combo meal and adding value to the offering. With over 100 unique soup and add-on pairings to tantalise the taste buds, Soupa will keep customers coming back for more.

Raw & Ripe – indulgently healthy!


The new Raw & Ripe concept offers customers the joy of a treat with a health boost. Smoothie brands have exploded onto the high street in line with demand, with consumers willing to pay a premium for delicious solutions made with high-quality, nutritious and healthy ingredients.

Raw & Ripe successfully brings this high-street trend into the workplace. The affordable smoothie concept blends a frozen fruit smoothie in less than one minute and the flavour possibilities are endless – from banana and strawberry to mango, pineapple, ginger and blueberry and even a green veggie smoothie; the only restriction is your imagination.

Deal-licious for the millennial snacker


Deal-licious is primarily aimed at millennials and has been perfectly pitched to both their lifestyle and budget.

Millennials have increasingly abandoned traditional meal times for all-day, on-demand eating that complements their on-the-go lifestyles. They also regard what and where they eat as a reflection of who they are, catapulting food into a vital role of exploration and expression. Deal-licious empowers this holistic approach to food with great-tasting, innovative food at outstanding entry level pricing.

Lin Dickens, Marketing Director bartlett mitchell, comments: “The three new concepts, Soupa, Raw & Ripe and Deal-licious represent exciting times for workplace dining. The nation’s love affair with food continues to escalate and with it the desire to try new and innovative ideas. It’s vital that all operators proactively feed this desire to attract custom and boost profits. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ menus are as exciting, if not more, than the high street and we have invested time and creativity into our innovative new concepts to get it just right. The immediate customer feedback and impact on sales have been fantastic and we’re confident of ongoing success.”

The above article appeared in Cost Sector catering and you can read the whole article here

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