We are pleased to announce that as part of our long term sustainability and ethical sourcing policy, we have signed the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), thereby committing to meet or exceed the standards set out in the ECC by 2026 for 100% of the chicken across our entire supply chain. Signing the ECC allows us to improve the welfare of chickens used in our supply chain, building on our free range egg commitment, and further demonstrating our ongoing commitment to animal welfare.

The ECC requires companies to commit to a range of key standards by 2026 around using higher welfare chicken breeds, reduced stocking density, enriching the environments birds live in, providing natural light and using more humane slaughtering processes. Our future supply chain will be audited by an independent body to ensure they are meeting the requirements.

As part of this latest initiative on chicken welfare, bartlett mitchell is calling out to other like minded companies with similar supply chains to work with them in order to collectively achieve the aims of the commitment and share best practice across the industry.

Vicky Bond, Managing Director of The Humane League UK, said: “We are thrilled to see an entrepreneurial independent caterer like bartlett mitchell taking the welfare of chickens seriously and adopting the European Chicken Commitment. The Humane League UK applaud bartlett mitchell for this positive step and are pleased to have worked with them to make this happen.”


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