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Meet our inspiring women


Ten women have been recognised as part of our ‘ Women Who Inspire ‘awards.

Announced on International Women’s Day, the awards aim to recognise women who have excelled professionally and inspired others to succeed.

In its second year, the awards are open to all women across the business, with colleagues nominating team members who they feel should be honoured for their ability to inspire and engage others.

The programme was developed as part of a drive to recognise the role women play in hospitality, encouraging more to consider it as a career of choice. The awards sit alongside a series of initiatives which have been rolled out across the company to facilitate the progression of female team members, including mentoring, leadership development and talent management.

Winners of the awards will be presented with a certificate and treated to a private lunch with Wendy Bartlett, founder of bartlett mitchell. Wendy said:

[mbo_blockquote cite=””] “We are delighted to announce our second group of Inspiring Women on International Women’s Day. These women have been so inspirational and have already had a huge impact on the success of our business.”” [/mbo_blockquote]

“I’ve never believed that being a woman should hold you back from achieving everything you want in your career and life. I want women to know that, by working for our business, they have every opportunity to succeed and progress. These awards give us the opportunity to celebrate the brilliant women who work for us, and sends a strong message to say that we value their contribution.”