Congratulations to Zoe Kaiser and Gabriella Mosca who were both recently finalists at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Annual Awards of Excellence.

The competition, which has previously been won by the likes of Nathan Outlaw, Mark Sargeant and Clare Clark MCA, assesses chefs (aged 20-27) working full-time in the UK.

Chefs are tested on a variety of food preparation and cookery tasks, from making a salad to butchery skills.

As part of the process, they have to demonstrate that they can prepare a number of dishes including soups and desserts and a piece of their own free interpretation.

Both Zoe and Gabriella were two of many finalists competing on the day.

Gabriella said: “It was a great opportunity being pushed out of my comfort zone and to be introduced to new chefs and ideas. It was an amazing way to further my skills and knowledge while challenging me.”

Zoe added: “Doing the competition was a great journey for me – pushing me out of my comfort zone with ingredients I’ve not used before, alongside the challenge of having to cook and serve within a time limit.”

Pete Redman, BM’s Chef Director praised Gabriella and Zoe for taking part in the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Annual Awards of Excellence and for reaching the finals. He said: “It was great to see two of BM’s talented female chefs in the final of a national competition. We hope their example inspires more of their colleagues to enter next year’s competition.”

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