Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 8

In this episode, Murray Soper, Head of People and Talent at BM, talks in detail about steps you can take to improve company culture. Beware! It’s not something that you can throw money at, Murray notes. It’s about making consistent, small improvements, day after day.

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 7

How Vicky O’Farrell, the queen of behaviours, went from being fired to starting her own business. In this episode, you’ll learn all about your personality profile and its application in communication styles, conflict resolution, and employee engagement strategies. Learn how managers, directors, and business leaders can adapt their management styles to foster a harmonious and productive work environment. You’ll also discover tips on effective communication, humour in the workplace and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 6

Allison White, part of the management team at Rovi by Ottolenghi, shares valuable insights on creating a thriving work environment, cultivating a positive team culture, and fostering growth and development opportunities.

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 5

Mark Jankovich, Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer at Delphis Eco, inspires us to create a greener future and teaches us about the transformative power of working with nature to create lasting change.

The secret to engaging events with wine expert Tom Gilbey

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 4

Tom Gilbey, wine expert and brilliant entertainer, talks to us about the secret to running engaging events and why they are so important in doing more business.

The Future of the Workplace with FM expert: Lucy Jeynes

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 3

Lucy Jeynes, a renowned expert in facilities management, shares her insights on the evolving world of workplace management. Discover how the workplace has changed over time, the impact of technology and AI, and the challenges faced after the pandemic.

Navigating change in business with Experian Global SVP: Ian Kennedy

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 2

Discover the thought process of an FTSE20 Business Transformation Veteran, Ian Kennedy, the Global Senior Vice President at Experian. He reveals his top strategies for leading successful transformation projects and predicts where the future of technology is headed.

Athletes make great business people with Ex-Pro Cricketer Neil MacLaurin

Lunch at Work Podcast: Episode 1

In this episode, host Antony Prentice sits down with Neil MacLaurin, ex-professional cricketer turned successful businessman, to discuss the lessons he’s learned from the world of sports and how they’ve helped him in business.