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Apple, feta, quinoa and walnut salad

Apple, feta, quinoa and walnut salad

Looking for a tasty alternative salad to go with your BBQ, this gorgeous apple, feta, quinoa and walnut salad is easy to make and delicious.


  • Place 400g of water into a saucepan with a good pinch of salt and add the quinoa. Bing this to the simmer on the stove until all the liquid has pretty much been absorbed and the quinoa is cooked.
  • Tip the quinoa out onto a tray or into a bowl to let it cool down.
  • Finely dice the onion, apple and cucumber as best you can.
  • Lightly crush the walnuts using your hands and stir these through the quinoa.
  • Dice the feta cheese and gently stir through the mix, you donā€™t want to be too rough, or the cheese will completely break down.
  • Now add in the oil, vinegar, roughly chopped dill and season to taste after giving it all another gentle mix

Your dish is ready to be served.