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Pulled Pork and King Oyster Mushroom

and King Oyster Mushroom

The pork collar is generally a cheaper cut of pork but makes a fabulous pulled pork, so if you love pulled pork give this recipe for Pulled Pork and King Oyster Mushroom a go.


Grate the onions and carrots and then shred the mushrooms with two forks.

Place the pork collar in a deep gastro and rub with the spice & sugar, add the chopped tomatoes and 2 liters of water.

Cover with baking paper and tin foil and roast at 160Ā°C for 2-5 hours until falling apart checking every hour, if looking dry add a little more water.

Put all the vegetables in a pan a sweat down.

Once the pork is cooked and can be pulled, drain the liquid and add the pan of vegetables and reduce, season & add the pulled pork and serve with tacoā€™s or white rice.