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turkey burger

If you love a burger but want to reduce the amount of eat you meat, then try this tasty recipe for a Turkey Burger where a proportion of the meat has been replaced with vegetables. Tasty and good for you.


Start by adding the table salt to the grated courgette and give a good mix.

Leave this to marinade for about 30-40 mins.

Then using both hands squeeze all the liquid that releases from the courgette and set the grated squeezed courgette aside until needed.

Heat the rapeseed oil to medium heat and add the sliced leek, garlic and lemon zest and cook stirring regularly to prevent it from burning for about 8-10 until soft and translucent, once cooked set aside and allow to cool slightly.

Then mix all ingredients together until evenly incorporated.

Now you are ready to shape the burgers into the size and shape that you like.

Pan fry, chargrill or roast in a pre-heated hot oven until cooked or the core temperature reaches 75Ā°C on a food probe.

Serve with cheese, relish, gherkins, salad etc in a warm brioche bun.