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White chocolate panna cotta with salted caramel ganache and raspberries

White chocolate panna cotta

What’s Easter without chocolate and what is modern life without some sort of salted caramel. This white chocolate panna cotta is very simple and the frozen raspberries add a really nice cleansing note.


1. Break one third of the raspberries into pieces (maybe 4-6) and place on a tray. Put this in the freezer for 2 hours to freeze and leave until needed.

2. For the panna cotta; in a saucepan bring the milk and the maple syrup to a simmer and stir in the gelatine leaves, stirring to dissolve.

3. Place the white chocolate in a bowl and pour over the hot milk mixture and whisk until well combined. Add the cream and the yoghurt and whisk until smooth.

4. Pour this mixture into 6 moulds or ramekins. Leave in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to set.

5. For the ganache; put the sugar in a saucepan and add a little water and stir to combine. You are after a thick, wet, sand-like consistency. Place on a medium heat and cook until it becomes a golden caramel.

6. While the caramel is cooking, gently heat the cream and the salt in a pan. Do not let this boil.

7. When the caramel is right, pour in the warm cream and whisk, this will splatter so be careful.

8. Cool the mixture for a minute or so, then stir in the butter followed by the chocolate. Stir until smooth and set aside.

9. To serve. On each plate give a good dollop of the ganache, turn out the panna cotta next to it (you might need to place the container in hot water for a few seconds to help release them). Top with both the fresh and frozen raspberries and serve


Download a copy of this recipe here White chocolate panna cotta recipe card