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Whole baked celeriac with toasted yeast and herbs

Whole baked celeriac with toasted yeast and herbs


Cut away the footy bottom of the celeriac giving it a flat surface to stand up on.

Lay out a double sheet of tinfoil and place the celeriac on this, drizzle with olive oil and add a couple sprigs of the rosemary, thyme and 1 bay leaf, but make sure you leave the rest for presentation.

Add a good pinch of salt and wrap the celeriac in the tinfoil nice and tight. Place on a tray and roast in the oven set at 180 for 2 hours or until it gives when pressed.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool enough so you can peel the skin away with a sharp knife.

While this is roasting, in a dry frying pan, toast the yeast flakes until lightly golden brown and set aside until needed.

In a deep cast iron or solid casserole pan, melt the butter over a medium to high heat. Once the butter has turned slightly nutty, add the celeriac to the pan and allow to colour on all sides, rolling around and basting with the butter so the celeriac gets a beautiful nutty flavour, like a steak being fried in butter.

Remove the celeriac from the pan and drain off the butter putting to one side.

Place the reserved herbs on the base of the dish and place the celeriac on top. Ā Brush with the reserved butter and cover with the yeast flakes and a good pinch of sea salt.

To serve – carve at the table