Lovingly sourced food

From day one, fresh food and seasonal ingredients have been the foundation of our business.  BM’s chefs care about provenance and the natural ingredients we use, the suppliers who gather them for us, and the way our food is lovingly prepared and presented.
Serving great food is all about relationships, and particularly with our suppliers. We get to know them so they, in turn, get to know us, and the standards we expect. Keeping these relationships special means seasonal ingredients are always on our menus and our food is locally sourced.

Adam Byatt, Chef Consultant

We  only use food from sustainable sources, and we’re proud to cook with seasonal ingredients grown on British farms. The fewer the air miles, the tastier the end result. This doesn’t always make us the cheapest, but we want to serve meat from only those suppliers who treat their animals well, and fish from sustainable sources.

Added British influence from award-winning chef, Adam Byatt

We have an exclusive partnership with Michelin starred chef-patron, Adam Byatt. Adam’s reputation for sourcing only seasonal British ingredients makes him a perfect partner for BM


“My heart lies with British cooking; reviving classic dishes governed by the watchwords of seasonality, traceability and sophisticated simplicity. I enjoy working with the team and injecting my passion for using British ingredients.”

Farm to fork

It’s important to cultivate great relationships with our farm suppliers. To guarantee good quality and to create a strong working partnership we take our chefs to visit our farming partners. Our chefs gain a deeper understanding of arable and livestock farming and the challenges farmers face. Cooking locally and having a good sense of seasonal ingredients supports sustainable menu planning.  Find out how we do this by reading Development Chef, Daryll Young’s latest farm visit blog.

Seasonal Ingredients

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