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Anna Clegg

Project Manager

Anna Clegg

I ensure every project lands on budget and to plan – and, most importantly, that each one raises our standards, whether it’s with a new or existing client. That means dealing with challenges calmly, and working with the team to keep elevating our catering offer and exceeding expectations. I see myself as the wing-person for our operators and senior leadership, supporting them with my knowledge, experience and attention to detail.

My career in hospitality started with gaining some qualifications: an HND in hotel catering and institutional management, and a BSc in hospitality and accommodation management. I then spent eight years running restaurants, and entered workplace catering in 1997, developing my skills with several companies before joining BM in 2017. 

Although my work keeps me in touch with all the latest food trends, in my home life, I love returning to old favourites – like Marmite and cheese, roast beef dinner, and my mum’s chicken curry. For me, these are all legendary, and they make me very happy.