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Who we are

Petra Belohoubkova 

Head of Finance

Petra Belohoubkova

Every day, I focus on two key responsibilities. First, I ensure we make the most of every penny we spend, so our clients receive the best value for their investments. And second, through financial planning and forecasting, I contribute to the stability and growth of our company, instilling confidence among our clients and our own teams.

I came to BM in June 2022, after 11 years in accounting. I’d started my career with a FTSE-100 company, but felt like a small cog in a big machine, so left to find a role where I could make a difference. That was with an independent school caterer, and I knew I’d found a great industry where people really care about what they do. After three years with them, moving to BM was even better – I received such a warm welcome, and it’s amazing to work for a company that lives and breathes its values.  

My job’s in finance, but it’s also very much in food – and food’s a big part of my leisure time. I love eating out, but having indulged at Noma in Copenhagen, I don’t think I’ll ever find anywhere even remotely comparable. The atmosphere, attention to detail, location and, of course, the mind-blowing food created, without a doubt, my most memorable dining experience.