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Phil Leicester 

Head of Culinary Sales and Retention

Phil Leicester

Having worked as a head chef, I’m pretty good at handling high-pressure situations. Whatever happens, I keep customers happy while maintaining a big smile. That’s vital in our business, especially in my sales role. I’ve learned to enjoy every challenge, and I always know there’s plenty of support here when I need it.

I joined BM in 2016, as a hospitality head chef. After three years of building up my skills, I progressed to retail and hospitality head chef in one of our flagship sites. This enabled me to develop my craft still further, by learning more about sustainability and provenance – all essential experience for my current position. 

That interest in provenance is central to my own food choices – even when it comes to the humble sausage roll. My favourite has to be from the team at the Ginger Pig, in Borough Market, London. Using pork from British farms, they create a well-balanced, herby and lightly spiced sausage that’s tough to beat.