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Sunil Varma

Pop-up chef guru

Sunil Varma Pop up guru

I have the lovely job of overseeing the development of street-food concepts across the company. This involves identifying relevant food trends and designing concepts that reflect our evolving food culture. I’ve brought together a team of chefs – Pop-up Pioneers – to help come up with ideas and put them into practice at client sites.

In guiding and supporting the chefs, I’m drawing on 10 years’ experience running pop-ups for BM clients – including a TV station and several financial organisations. During that time, I’ve adopted dishes, ingredients and trends from nations as varied as Japan, Switzerland and Macau, always looking for creative ways to offer healthier dishes. Before BM, I worked as a chef at other foodservice firms, a healthy meal delivery service and a high-street chain. I also spent four years as a chef de partie at Peter Gordon’s Sugar Club in Soho. 

Over the years, I’ve gathered many great foodie memories, but I’d say the highlight is Christmas with all my family. The variety of cuisines and flavours on one table just doesn’t happen at any other time. I also love how food can bring people together, which is why I always volunteer to cook for Crisis at Christmas