My earliest food memories are of eating honeycomb straight from my grandfather’s beehives in his garden, and picking fresh peas from his vegetable patch.

I’ve never been a follower of fashion, but good hearty comfort food is still trending for me – particularly if eaten in a great traditional British pub. And preferably by a roaring fire in the winter, or in a sunny beer garden when the sun decides to join us.

My favourite place to eat is anywhere near the sea, as I think food always tastes better with salt in the air! I grew up near the sea in Dorset, so it must be in my blood – and I was lucky enough to spend a year living in Sydney in my slightly younger days, and ate as many meals as possible with a view of the harbour. My most memorable meal was eating tarantulas in Cambodia – not a pleasant memory! A much more pleasurable experience though was a fantastic restaurant in a vineyard called Mudbrick, on Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland in New Zealand. Fabulous views, great company, top-notch wines, and food to die for!

My ideal dinner guests would be Boris Johnson, Ranulph Fiennes and Brian Blessed.

I have too many cookbooks at home to pick one in particular that inspires me, but increasingly I find myself using the wonders of Google for recipes.

The three items I always keep in my fridge are white wine, avocados and mayonnaise.

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