My earliest food memory is of my Dad’s ‘interesting’ curried potatoes – they can’t have been too bad, as I still love curry! In contrast, trending for me at the moment are natural foods and simple flavours (where you can almost taste the soil).

My favourite place to eat is Adam Byatt’s Trinity. My most memorable recent meal is when I went to Fera at Claridges; the seven courses were exquisite and the wine pairings were unforgettable. I won this as first prize in the ACE Sustains Team award.

My ideal dinner guests are my family; I love a big Sunday lunch or a summer BBQ where we are all together. As my children get older, we are together less, so these times become more precious.

I have an extensive cookbook collection that I keep in colour spectrum order (for proof, see my twitter picture). My main cookbook inspiration is Leith’s Vegetarian Bible. It’s laid out to inspire you, and everything I’ve every cooked from it tastes delicious. But I also use Jamie, Delia and Nigella a lot. As a lifelong vegetarian, I wouldn’t be without my Happy Pear Cookbook – I even take it on holiday with me.

The three items always kept in my fridge are a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar and butter.

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