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What we do

Sustaining consistently high standards group-wide 

catering contracts client

As part of a group contract for a leading provider of investment services, we cater for 1,200 customers a day at two offices, in London and Surrey. This means pleasing a very wide range of people, from young graduates to senior board directors and fund managers. 

When the client appointed us, they were looking for consistently high quality in food and service, and were keen to promote healthy, lower-carbon eating among their employees. Our menus reflect this brief. In the Surrey restaurant, breakfasts and lunches include traditional bistro-style mains, a salad and deli bar, freshly made ‘grab and go’, and healthy snacks. Also, the client has a well-stocked vegetable garden, and our chefs make sure we use the produce on our menus. 

A growing partnership

At the start of our contract, in 2014, hospitality in the London site remained in house. But as the relationship developed, the client saw the benefits of outsourcing the catering of both offices. So, in London, we now provide working-lunch hospitality and a contemporary fine-dining service for the senior team and high-profile visitors. In both locations, we’ve launched stand-alone artisan barista coffee bars, serving our Perkee Soppexcca Fairtrade coffee and Perkee Santo Organic coffee. We’ve also introduced a self-pay micro market, which has reduced queuing times at busy periods and provides a 24-hour service, increasing revenue by 20% and helping reduce the subsidy. 

We organise food-related treats and events for the company’s employees, including culinary masterclasses and experiences, themed evenings and rooftop barbecues. These are becoming increasingly popular, and we now run an average of 16 events each month, attracting around 40 attendees. Each year, over 1,000 customers come along to a festival of food at each location, with innovations showcased at a variety of stalls and supplier pop-ups. 

Each new initiative strengthens our partnership with the client. Many are the result of feedback we gather in a six-monthly customer survey, which also guides us in improving and fine-tuning our existing services.  


Supporting sustainability

From the start, we’ve aligned our catering services with our client’s sustainability goals, helping them achieve a Gold Medal with EcoVadis, a world-leading provider of business sustainability ratings. Measures we’ve taken include our Ditch the Dispo programme, banning disposable containers in favour of reusable crockery, and saving 62,000 single-use items. We’ve also rolled out carbon labelling for grab-and-go items, soups, salads and proteins, and we present carbon-intensity data to our client, which helps us reduce our use of high-carbon foods. 

We formally record and publish food-waste statistics. Initiatives to reduce waste include a drinks-ordering system for meeting rooms, and using sharing app Olio to distribute left-over grab-and-go items to community groups. We also offer our lower carbon, Eat with the Earth in Mind options on our menus, with recipes designed to reduce waste and use more plant-based ingredients. 

Our client’s partner charity is The Felix Project, which redistributes surplus food to charities and schools. Support for this includes the Donate a Meal campaign, where employees and guests buying food in the company’s offices can spend more to help pay for ingredients and equipment to make hot meals. 

“BM’s strong culture truly distinguishes them. Embodying a family spirit and tailored approach, they excel in managing our contract. The wellbeing of our team is paramount, and BM embraces this in every aspect of their food services. Celebrating a decade-long relationship, it’s clear that this isn’t just a contract – they are our trusted partner.”




of food offer is plant-based


food waste saved every year


reduction in carbon emissions