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PearPay contact-free workplace app rolled out


We’ve launched PearPay – our new contact-free food app enabling customers to order food straight to their desks and minimise the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

Working in partnership with Dynamify, the app has been configured to suit the bespoke requirements of our clients – and offers innovative features such as allergen filtering, time slot reservations for restaurant access, and scheduled desk deliveries.

PearPay allows customers to avoid queues

Through its preordering and mobile self-checkout functionality, as well as automatically handling payments, loyalty and receipts. The app will form a major part of the company’s post-lockdown strategy.

Meeting new guidelines set out by the Government in its ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus’ report, the app will act as a key tool to support social distancing measures set out across BM’s nationwide client base. The company operates across sectors ranging from tech, finance, law, manufacturing and media. Dynamify’s plug-and-play cloud technology enables BM to set up a workplace restaurant ready for digital ordering in under 2.5 minutes – with no external visitors required for installation.

Francois Gautreaux, BM’s Managing Director, said: “We’ve been looking at a number of different apps over the last year to provide an enhanced experience for our customers.  We’ve seen loyalty apps, communication apps and pre-order/prepay apps. The PearPay app by Dynamify not only offers all these functions under one roof, but it has capabilities we hadn’t even thought of that have inspired us to introduce fantastic new services for our customers, whilst also allowing us to put in some much-needed safety protocols as we get back up and running post lockdown.”

Wendy Bartlett, MBE and founder of BM, added: “In the current fast-evolving situation it’s even more important than ever to be nimble. BM has always been ready to adapt and implement new apps and systems swiftly and successfully. As an entrepreneurial business, we wanted to partner with equally agile organisations. We always work with the best-in-class solutions and Dynamify embodies this. Their PearPay app has enabled us to be competitive and provide customers with a cutting-edge ordering and payment solution that represents great value for money and meets clients’ safety needs.”

Maxwell Harding, Dynamify’s Founder and CEO, said: “Dynamify’s contact-free technology has become essential for caterers to resume operations during coronavirus. We can launch a best-in-class app, in our clients’ branding, within a couple of days. Indeed, after signing BM on Friday, their app is available on the app stores today (the following Monday). No external visitors are required on site to deploy Dynamify’s plug-and-play cloud technology – and a new restaurant can go-live with digital ordering in under 2.5 minutes. We’re proud that leading independent caterer BM turned to us during this crucial time.”