As part of the CSR culture in bm we look at where we can make a difference and when we spotted this great initiative we wanted to do our bit and support. We have already sponsored 7 water wells in African communities in the last 12 months through our procurement decisions and we saw this opportunity to send out pencils to the Gambia as an extension to making the lives of those much less fortunate just that little bit better.

Gary Pretty, Chairman of the Project has been very lucky to get a palette load of pencils from another Rotary Club. These have been given from a famous pencil manufacturer as seconds and are to be given to schools in third world countries.

“There are 20 boxes, each containing approximately 4000 pencils. I would like to send these to The Gambia at the end of this year in a container so that they will arrive when I hope to be there at end of Jan/Feb next year and I can then distribute them to the schools where we have sponsored children and any other needy schools that would benefit from them. I am looking for anyone who would like to sponsor a box or two to be shipped. It will cost about £20 per box. This will enable us to use other funds we have raised this year to finish building our school. Please contact me if you can help in any way.”

Gary Pretty, Chairman

So if you think you can help in anyway just visit below and see how you can support.

Visit to find out more.

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