Perkee Coffee Carnival and AGM: A Celebration of Community, Collaboration and Coffee

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in Mile End, our teams from far and wide gathered at the New Testament Church of God to attend the much-anticipated Perkee Coffee Carnival and AGM. The event was a perfect blend of celebration, collaboration, and philanthropy, as our #bmFamily💜💚 came together to witness the launch of Perkee’s Brazilian organic coffee, the Coffee CoLab initiative, and the unveiling of our exciting new coffee designs. This vibrant event also marked the celebration of partnerships with esteemed brands like Rude Health, Islands Chocolate, Birchall Tea, and JING Tea. The cherry on top was the announcement of the winner of the prestigious Perkee Barista Championship, Laura Floyd, who clinched the title for the second time, adding to her 2017 victory.

A New Coffee Experience:

The event kicked off with the grand launch of Perkee’s Brazilian organic coffee, delighting coffee lovers with its distinctive flavours and sustainable sourcing practices. Guests had the opportunity to savour this exceptional single source coffee, crafted with care to offer a rich, aromatic experience. There was evident enthusiasm from recent feedback by our customers, as we had already rolled out in some of our locations.

Coffee CoLab: A Philanthropic Initiative:

The Coffee CoLab initiative was introduced at the event, creating a buzz among attendees as they arrived and tried this amazing blend. This philanthropic endeavour aims to support charities such as Warming Up the Homeless by raising funds for every kilogram of Perkee coffee purchased. This powerful collaboration between Perkee and various charities will make a positive impact on vulnerable communities, providing warmth, support, and hope. The announcement was met with cheers and pledges of support from the audience, emphasising the unity and compassion that coffee can foster.

Unveiling Perkee’s New Coffee Designs:

Perkee didn’t stop at the launch of their Brazilian organic coffee. The carnival provided the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of a captivating new coffee designs. The designs for Santo and Soppexcca showcased the brand’s commitment to showcasing the unique characteristics of each coffee bean. This new package elevates the Perkee brand, allowing us to engage with potential future projects without rocking any of the brand’s foundations.

Celebrating Partnerships:

The Perkee Coffee Carnival and AGM also served as a platform to acknowledge the partnerships that have been instrumental in shaping Perkee’s success. From long standing partnerships and the forging of new ones. We have been extremely lucky to always finding like-minded people that are passionate about what we do.

A Showcase of Innovation:

The carnival was not just about celebrating existing partnerships but also about embracing new opportunities. We showcased products, like pea drink, potato drink, new ways of advertising using technology, we looked at packaging, both compostable and edible. This event had the perfect dose of innovation to leave our management team fuelled with new ideas to take back to their sites.

Laura Floyd: The Barista Champion:

The climax of the event came with the announcement of the winner of the Perkee Barista Championship. Laura Floyd, an exceptional talent, claimed the title for the second time, replicating her victory from the 2017 edition. Laura’s skill, passion, and dedication shone through as she showcased her expertise in creating exquisite coffee creations. Her achievement was a testament to the values of BM, where talent and creativity are nurtured, and the pursuit of excellence is celebrated.

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