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bm launches coffee Co-lab

Perkee Co-Lab

We have today launched, Perkee Co-lab, a new coffee incubator programme, supporting independent brands aiming to grow their foodservice market presence.   

Perkee Co-Lab

As part of the programme, called Perkee Co-lab, bartlett mitchell will also commit to collaborating with roasters who put supporting growers and farmers at the heart of their offering.   

The companies involved will be offered sales and marketing support, as well as the opportunity to raise their brand awareness amongst the caterer’s diverse client base.   

As part of ‘Perkee Co-lab’, all companies will be required to able to show their commitment to fair payment and offering coffees which have scored 80 Speciality Coffee points or more.

bartlett mitchell will serve the ‘co-lab’ coffees on a regular and rotational basis, alongside its award-winning Perkee brand. 

With building and office occupancy steadily increasing, we are aiming to increase our product base over the next six months. 

Crude Coffee

As part of the activity, bartlett mitchell has selected Crude coffee as its first collaboration. Crude coffee will feature at bartlett mitchell sites for three months, commencing in 1st of October.

Miguel Camarahead of coffee and tea, bartlett mitchell said: “Despite the difficulties and challenges that the pandemic period brought to the sector, it did help to foster a better spirit of collaboration. This is something we really wanted to tap into and by launching ‘Co-Lab’, I feel we have created a brilliant platform to work with other coffee brands alongside our own Perkee offer.  

“It gives us the opportunity to offer something new to customers, whilst supporting businesses that put sustainability at their core.

“Coffee brings people together, it transcends race, gender and cultural differences. It is something we have in common so we want to celebrate the best of it where we can.”

Tim Squirrell, account manager at Crude Coffee Roasters, said: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with bartlett mitchell on their Perkee Co Lab project. We have selected three of our favourite speciality single origin coffees to showcase different processing methods – a natural, a washed and a honey. 

Each of the coffees have an amazing story to tell, whether it be an involvement within community projects, environmental work or improving farming methods. We are appreciative of the exposure bartlett mitchell are helping provide Crude as a speciality coffee roaster and hope everyone trying these coffees enjoys them as much as we do.