Quick, delicious and hearty Christmas gravy at home is not as complicated as it sounds, or as last minute, in fact it starts much further back.


Next time you roast a chicken or roast a beef or pork join, cover the left-over bones with some water and simmer gently for four hours. Pass away the stock and store this in the freezer once cold.

On the Day

On Christmas day, or any other big roast day for that matter, simply take the cooked meat out of its roasting tray and allow it to rest on a plate covered in foil. Reserve the roasting tray, tip away most of the fat slowly, add a chopped onion, carrot and stick of celery and place back over a medium flame. After a few minutes add a medium spoon of flour, cook this for two minutes, add two glasses of red wine, a dash of red wine vinegar and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, reduce this liquid by half and add the lovely stock from the freezer (if you don’t have this a stock cube will do but won’t be as good) top up with water, transfer to a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes. The Turkey will have some liquid on its resting tray, add this, a spoon full of cranberry sauce, pass the gravy through a sieve and serve in a jug for the perfect Christmas gravy…

Happy cooking!



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