At BM, we nurture our team members’ personal and professional development. We continue our BM happy journey series, meeting Barbara Biro-Miko, one of the #BMfamily’s dedicated Catering Managers. Barbara’s journey proves BM’s unshakeable belief in the boundless potential within its #BMfamily team members.

Barbara is devoted to nurturing her team to success. Together, they offer impeccable food and coordinate impressive client events. She is passionate about creating immersive experiences that her clients will never forget.

Barbara grew up in Budapest, Hungary, with dreams of becoming a wedding planner or an accountant. She was also drawn to the gym and decided to pursue competitive fitness and bodybuilding. At eighteen, while she trained six days a week, she studied Sports Management. Shortly after graduating, she bravely moved to the UK with her husband. They were to stay in London for two years to learn English. After she would return to Hungary, where Barbara planned to compete again.

Barbara’s early career

“The beginning was tough. My first role in London was as a Barista in Costa. As a first job, it was great. They offered good training, I felt looked after, and within a few months, I became a Team Leader.”

Barbara fell in love with coffee and the hospitality industry. She started to bake beautiful, bespoke cakes in her free time, and she knew deep down she wanted a foodie career. She joined the renowned L’ETO, just as they opened their new restaurant in Stratford, during the 2012 Olympic Games.

“I was a Team Leader during the Olympics. It was so hectic that the coffee machine ran out of water despite the mains connection. I learnt a lot about myself and how I work.”

With resolute commitment, Barbara’s hard work paid off. She was promoted to Branch Manager. Barbara took it in her stride and adeptly rose to the challenge of managing two high-end sites.

Barbara looks back on that time with fondness. Her passion for food is clear, and she enjoys the challenges that come with hospitality. In 2015, she was ready for her next step. She took some time away from her career to start a family.

“I am grateful that I was able to spend time with my son, and I have no regrets about it. After staying at home for three years, I missed people and work. I was excited to begin the next challenge once my son started nursery.”

Barbara and BM

“I was fortunate to secure a role at BM that provided the flexibility I needed. I knew I wanted to stay in hospitality, but a good work-life balance can be hard to find.”

Barbara knew immediately that the role of Restaurant Supervisor was a great fit for her.

“The chefs’ passion was impressive. The food was delicious and presented beautifully, mirroring my values. The saying ‘we eat with our eyes’ is true, and I could see how passionate BM about fresh food and flavour was.”

It was not only the food which left an impression. BM offered work-life balance and an opportunity to work with like-minded, dedicated foodies. The site was vibrant and busy, and business grew. Barbara shined in her role and became the Restaurant Manager. During her tenure, she learnt how to manage budgets and finances. She developed a trusting working relationship with Account Director, Michiel Hageman.

“I love working with numbers and I find budgets fascinating. I enjoy understanding why budgets do not add up and finding solutions to fix them. I owe my confidence to my first manager, Diana Pintrijel, and Michiel’s encouragement. They saw my potential.”

BM’s unshakable support

Innovative and driven, Barbara excelled with the support of the people around her. After a few years, she looked forward to continuing her development with BM. Michiel supported Barbara in finding the right path for her. Michiel reached out to Operations Manager, Gerhard Bailey. There was an opportunity to become a Catering Manager under Gerhard’s guidance. With BM’s unwavering support, Barbara accepted the offer.

“Although the site was small, its hospitality department is growing. I recognised that it was an unmissable chance to grow with the department. I am confident with the accounts, but I wanted to take my Events and Hospitality skills to the next level.”

I asked Barbara about her aspirations of becoming a wedding planner, and she explained that she loves her current role. She is passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for her clients. Her new position allows her to harness her creativity and bring innovative ideas to life. Barbara works alongside a team of passionate foodies who encourage her professional development. Thanks to BM’s investment in her potential, Barbara is on her way to becoming a confident leader.

Why is BM so special?

“Good food, great chefs, and the excellent work-life balance,” Barbara explains. “I work with wonderful people, and still spend quality time with my family.”

How does BM communicate its values?

“Individuals create a company culture, and I work with fantastic people at BM. Everyone is supportive and wants to help you succeed. If I have any questions, they offer guidance and find out who can help. It’s a big company, but BM still feels small.”

Barbara’s Foodie Favourites

We all know I love to find out our team’s favourite dishes. Barbara’s is “stuffed peppers with a rich tomato sauce. I will also never give up chocolate. Kinder Bueno is my favourite.”

Turn your passion into a rewarding career with BM

At BM, your adventure can be as diverse and delightful as the flavours we love. Join us and start your BM journey today. Become a supported member of our #Bmfamily alongside Barbara.

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