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BM journeys – Cassia Goncalves


At BM, we nurture our team members’ personal and professional development. We continue our BM happy journey series and get to know Cassia Goncalves, our energetic People and Talent Administrator. Cassia’s journey exemplifies BM’s belief in the limitless potential of its #bmFamily💜💚 team members.     

Brazil to London  

Hearing Cassia reminisce about her hometown is a treat. She describes the seasons in Goiana, Brazil, as “hot and very hot” but clearly adores where she is from. She was content and grateful for her experiences. At the same time, she studied Accounting at University and worked in Call Centre Sales part-time. She spent time helping at her family’s pub, where she met her partner. But despite this, Cassia’s curiosity was calling. She wanted to travel and learn a language and dreamed of living in London. With courage, she booked her flight to England’s iconic city.     

Her first London role was as a hospitality assistant with a contract cleaning company. BM ran a different contract in the same building, and naturally, Cassia bumped into BM team members daily. With time, she got to know the BM family and was drawn to their open and honest ethos.    

“I felt more connected with the BM Family than my team. Kind and welcoming, BM invited me to their events and team socials. I gravitated towards BM, and when the opportunity arose to join the team, I took it. BM found me”.   

New Beginnings  

Cassia started her BM journey as a Hospitality Supervisor. Since then, she has worked in various roles and across different departments. Celebrating her 8th BM Work-anniversary last year, it’s clear BM is her happy place. But despite her success, her BM journey has sometimes run in a wiggly line.  

After a few years at BM, she took a career break and returned to start a family in Brazil. When she came back to the UK, Cassia wanted to work somewhere she trusted. She wanted an understanding and flexible culture with the potential for professional development at a later stage. She reached out to her first Manager at BM, Agata Mamrocha.   

“The friendships I made at BM stayed with me. Agata has my best interests at heart, and BM’s supportive culture is unparalleled. She offered me a Hospitality Assistant position, but within a few months, I was a Restaurant Supervisor”.   

Cassia’s development reflects BM’s belief in the potential of its people. She has stayed true to her curious nature and strived for more. She applied for the role of an on-site Finance Assistant. As a trained Accountant, she was thrilled to implement her degree, upskill, and gain flexibility.    

“With a small son, a flexible role is vital. As a Finance Assistant, I was able to collect my son from school. This made a big difference”.    


Cassia is someone to aspire to. Even though she is a trained Accountant, she confessed her Excel and administration skills had become a little rusty. But with the nurture and encouragement of her Manager, Michiel Hageman, she realised she had the right ingredients to succeed. With time, dedication, and BM’s support, her career flourished while she enjoyed a thriving family life.   

“I had invaluable support. Michiel Hageman cheered me on every step of the way. I started unsure, but as I grew in confidence, my career took off”.   

Cassia’s team saw her potential. As Michiel guided her through the ins and outs of finance, she honed her skills, and they developed a strong working relationship. His mentorship supported Cassia during her fully funded Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, which she passed with Distinction.    

“Everyone can grow and develop. BM sees the potential in each of us and wholeheartedly encourages our growth. I am grateful for the opportunities BM has provided”.   

 People and Talent Administrator   

Cassia was looking for a new challenge. BM’s Head of People and Culture, Murray Soper, was looking for a People and Talent Administrator. Cassia interviewed, and she was overwhelmed by the flexibility on offer. Cassia could work from home and pick her son up from school in her new, dynamic role. The impact this has had on Cassia’s home life is remarkable.   

“The role is so flexible and fits around my life. Without BM’s understanding, I would have missed seeing my son grow up”.  

Cassia proudly states she has found her happy place; “Working alongside Murray is brilliant. I’ve learnt so much. Everyone in the company is friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The Directors, Wendy Bartlett and Ian Mitchell, know everyone’s names and are on hand if you need anything.”   

Why is BM so special?   

Cassia states, “BM’s communication is great. We have an open culture, and you can speak your mind. Your voice is heard, your opinion is valuable, and they care about your well-being.”  

How does BM communicate its values?   

“Their values are clear in their duty of care. Their supportive culture includes every team member, no matter your role. Be brave and communicate. If your workload is too much, speak up, and BM will do its best to support you where it can.” Cassia comments.    

Cassia’s Foodie Favourites   

Cassia admits she’s a fan of Indian and Middle Eastern dishes: “I love spice and how the flavours mingle together to create an incredible flavour. I enjoy Lebanese food, but Jalfrezi is my ultimate dish”.   

Turn your passion into a rewarding career with BM 

At BM, your adventure can be as diverse and delightful as the flavours we love. Join us and start your BM journey today. Become a supported member of our #bmFamily💜💚 alongside Cassia.  

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