At BM, we nurture our team members’ personal and professional development. We continue our BM happy journey series, meeting Craig Inglis, one of the #bmFamily’s dedicated Chef Managers. Craig’s journey demonstrates BM’s unshakeable belief in the boundless potential within its #bmFamily team members.  

Craig’s passion for food and people is impressive. He is a Chef Manager at BM and he leads a team of three, catering to over 300 customers daily. Dedicated to his team, there is never a dull moment under his leadership. He oversees HR, the learning and development of the team, and their top-notch marketing. Most importantly, he creates delicious dishes for his clients.  

Craig grew up in London’s East End, and his family saw food as fuel. Growing up in a family of  ten children, taste and flavour were not important. When he was ten, his family moved to Watford, Hertfordshire, which opened a new world. Craig’s love for food flourished during his visits to his grandma’s allotment. Baking rhubarb crumble together, she taught Craig everything she knew about cooking.  

Craig’s first career steps  

Craig had a passion for cooking, but he tended to live pay check to pay check. His career started at sixteen, working in fast food kitchens and later transitioning to pubs and hotels. Eventually, he made the switch to Contract Catering. After discovering BM, Craig’s mindset shifted. He realised that it was something he could focus his mind on, and it was a perfect match for him. 

Craig conducted thorough research. BM’s friendly and welcoming culture drew him in. He recognised the immense potential that BM could provide. 

Before the interview, Craig checked BM’s website and noticed that it was all about people. To his surprise, the interview reflected this. Craig immediately felt at ease with the warm and inviting team. He soon met his manager, Georgina Tomlin, who is now one of BM’s Operation’s Managers. 

Progression with BM 

Whilst working as a Kitchen Porter, the Head Chef noticed his love of cooking. Georgina saw his potential too and together they encouraged him to pursue his passion. They suggested he become a General Assistant and pursue a Practical Cookery apprenticeship. Excited about the opportunity, he took the challenge. 

“I completed the course with flying colours, which was fully funded by BM. It took me another 6 months before I had the confidence to apply for a Chef position. I felt intimidated by the level of skill in the kitchen as I had not received classical training.”  

Georgina proposed Craig become Café Supervisor to build his confidence. He gained self-assurance and became a Relief Chef Manager with BM’s support team. 

“It offered exposure to the wider BM family. I gained invaluable experience in different kitchens. When the opportunity for the role of Chef Manager opened up, I jumped at the chance.”  

BM’s unwavering support 

Craig has been working at BM for 14 years now, and he is as happy as he was when he first started. For him, taking control of his career was the best decision he ever made. With BM’s commitment to his development, Craig has become a confident leader. BM’s ability to encourage, support, and identify an individual’s potential is outstanding. 

Every time Craig had itchy feet, Georgina offered him opportunities. Natasha Boshoff, Craig’s current manager, shares Georgina’s mindset. The right opportunities have made his progression possible.  

“Natasha has been brilliant and encouraged my growth. I have collaborated with established chefs at BM and different sites. This has had a huge impact on my confidence and knowledge.”  

Craig’s future looks bright. He is currently on track to complete another apprenticeship with BM in Health and Safety. He is also learning invaluable skills essential to his career advancement. With BM’s support, Craig has discovered his passion and talent for cooking. 

Why is BM so special? 

Craig comments: “You have the power to choose what you do. It is important to enjoy your work and the place where you work. BM understands this and will support you in finding your true calling.”  

How does BM communicate its values? 

Craig shared Wendy Bartlett’s description of BM as an “upside-down pyramid”. People are at the topmost point. BM invests in its people, valuing and respecting everyone. “This is evident in the way BM takes care of and looks after it’s teams,” Craig explains.  

Craig’s Foodie Favourites 

I am enthusiastic about food, and when I asked Craig about his favourite dish, he said, “I could eat Cacio e Pepe every day. It’s simple, quick, easy, and delicious.” 

Turn your passion into a rewarding career with BM  

At BM, your adventure can be as diverse and delightful as the flavours we love. Join us and start your BM journey today. Become a supported member of our #bmFamily alongside Craig. 

Are you excited about the possibilities? Connect with us here. Join Our Team and discover how your career can thrive at BM. 

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