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BM journeys – Jess Galan Diaz


At BM, we nurture our team members’ personal and professional development. We continue our BM happy journey series meeting Jess Galan Diaz, our talented Marketing Designer. Jess’s journey proves BM’s unshakable belief faith in the limitless potential of its #bmFamily💜💚 team members. 

Courageous decisions 

Jess’s journey began in Toledo, Spain. Fascinated by how interiors influence our experiences of spaces, Jess wanted a career in interior design. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the English grade required to study in Spain. But undeterred, Jess told her mum she was moving to the UK, determined to learn English and pursue design. She packed her bags and moved to Cambridge! 

 In Cambridge, she started working as a runner in a local restaurant. Surrounded by the English language and studying in her free time, her English went from strength to strength. Anglia Ruskin University accepted her for their interior design BA a year later.  

“I didn’t attend the first year as I worried my English wasn’t good enough. It was hard. I thought, what am I doing? But I committed myself and worked hard in my second and third years. I couldn’t believe it when my tutor told me I was graduating with a first!”   

Chatting with Jess, it’s clear she has blossomed in her career. She has overcome language barriers, and it’s hard not to feel impressed by her journey. Her belief and courage are inspiring. 

Jess’s career journey 

“I knew I wanted a creative career. After graduating, I had the opportunity to move to London. I wanted to find a creative role, but also needed to pay rent and bills. While I was looking for my dream job, agency hospitality work offered me the flexibility to find the right role.”  

“BM found me…” 

Through the agency, Jess found work at a BM contract. After a few shifts, Jess’s work ethic and positivity were evident. Paula, the restaurant manager, offered her a permanent General Assistant (GA) position. But Jess was conflicted; she thought the flexible agency work would provide a more significant opportunity to kickstart her creative career. 

She made a pros and cons list and realised she couldn’t refuse BM’s offer. BM’s permanent role also provided flexibility; contract catering hours meant her afternoons were free and gave her a set income. She accepted the position. During her time as a GA, she experienced BM’s supportive culture. “BM is incredible at seeing everyone’s potential. They encourage individual development, and people are happy and stay loyal.”   

Her dream became her reality 

BM’s unquestionable belief in the potential of its teams is inspiring. BM’s marketing team asked if anyone in the #bmFamily💜💚 would like to help them make social media videos. Jess knew this was her chance and grabbed it! 

Michaela, who leads BM’s digital marketing, immediately saw Jess’s enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and creativity. Jess started working part-time with the marketing team, splitting her week with her GA role. 

“Marketing was the highlight of my week. I would ask for tips and feedback. I loved the scope, and they encouraged my creativity. They believed in me, and I also started to believe in my creative abilities. My catering manager Paula was also very supportive- she said she could see my ability and didn’t want to stand in my way; this made an enormous difference to me taking the step into marketing”. 

 Jess is now a full-time designer and is thriving in her role. Her belief that her English held her back is now a distant memory. BM’s nurturing culture has let Jess’s dreams become her reality.  

Lin Dickens, BM’s head of marketing, said, “Not only is Jess incredibly creative, but she has brought interior design skills to the BM marketing team. Our clients appreciate the added value that Jess brings – she understands catering and how customers move around a space. Thanks to Jess, we don’t have to consult external designers, making a restaurant relaunch or refurb swift and cost-effective”. 

Jess’s Foodie Favourites 

BM is food-focused, and so am I.  I  adore healthy, soulful, Spanish classics. “I love Cocido Madrileño. It’s a chickpea stew packed with vegetables and meat, it reminds me of home.”

We asked Jess a few questions about working at BM

What is special about BM? 

Jess said, “BM sees the potential of every team member. It’s an uplifting environment, and they want everyone to have access to development opportunities. It’s inspiring to hear my colleague’s BM journeys”

How does BM communicate its values?  

“Both onsite and at a support level, BM lives its FOODIE values. It is a supportive community of like-minded people. It is fun, transparent, and people-focused and the food is amazing.”  

Where can BM improve? 

“BM’s growth is exciting, but there is a chance it could lose its authenticity. BM has always put people and food above all else, and if they stay true to their values, it will continue to flourish.”   

Turn your passion into a rewarding career with BM 

At BM, your adventure can be as diverse and delightful as the flavours we love. Join us and start your BM journey today. Become a supported member of our #bmFamily💜💚 alongside Jess. 

Are you excited about the possibilities? Connect with us here and discover how your career can thrive at BM.