I’m not a particularly political animal, although I must admit to a penchant for watching Obama in his hilarious clips regarding his impending retirement,  and the thought that Mr Trump could be his successor is something I do find scary.

However, it is interesting with the big Brexit question today, that it’s been perfectly acceptable to ask people if they are ‘in or out?’ I’ve had a huge amount of people ask me for my opinion. Normally with politics it’s unacceptable to ask people which way they will be voting, but it seems no such etiquette applies with the EURO question.

When thinking about the alternatives of ‘in or out’, it led me to think about how catering is a real example of both.

We all wave the flag when it comes to using Great British food and the use of good old UK produce – bartlett mitchell sources 80% of our meat and 65% of our vegetables from Britain. And buying as locally as possible is something we all want to do now.

But, when it comes to our team and Brexit – we want a diverse workforce and to be inclusive. Catering has a very high level of Europeans working in the business and the truth is hospitality won’t survive without them: if the migrants weren’t able to come and work here, it would cripple our industry!!! let alone reduce productivity! They are keen and enthusiastic to join us and have a strong work ethic.

What is important is that everyone has a say and we must all take responsibility for making our contribution towards the decision. We are a multi-cultural society and food is a great leveller in representing the reality of our shrinking world.

Maybe we should think about the need to help each other, rather than being divisive. So, good luck with your decision. Isn’t it lucky we live in a democracy and we can all have our say.

Wendy Bartlett

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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