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Coronation Weekend

coronation weekend

As we celebrate the coronation weekend, this month we are enjoying three bank holidays: which has lots of good and bad points (especially if you have to work). Plus of course importantly, it’s the King’s coronation: a day in history we shall all remember.

This historical moment is a fantastic opportunity for the UK to show all the great pomp and tradition – we really are the best in the world at –  It brings the United Kingdom to everyone’s attention and hence makes the UK an excellent tourist destination, so it’s a win/win on all accounts.

Envy of the World

We certainly have something that is unique and the envy of the world. So no matter what you think about the event, as a marketing aid to UK Ltd, it’s one of the best you can get and something every other country in the world is envious of – A top notch marketing tool.

It’s also a massive part of who we are, with our culture and history, and you have to be grateful we have a strong anchor and sense of who we are and belonging. I was reflecting recently on the history of the UK, against other countries, and was thinking maybe this anchor and sense of who we are from history along with our pomp and ceremony is why in comparison, and over many centuries, we probably have been more stable and successful than most. I’m in no way an economic or historical expert, so it’s just my musing on how a strong thread of consistency supports success.

The bmFamily💜💚 culture

When reflecting on this, I think about the culture we have built within the #bmFamily💜💚, where we have strong and clear values, strong ethics, behaviours, with a consistent voice and conversations which mean no matter – if you like or dislike it – you know where you stand and are clear on what is expected. This creates a solid platform for success.

What I look forward to with the coronation event itself – apart from a good excuse to watch telly all day –  is the vast quantity of activities throughout our #bmFamily💜💚 at sites leading up to it  – it seems that afternoon teas are the winners for this event and there have been numerous which have been laid on by the companies to bring people together.

Bringing People Together

That is what’s so great about events like the coronation. Food is the bit that brings all the participants together and the reason for gathering, which creates the community. I suppose some could say you never need an excuse for a party, but it does help! With people still working from home, discussions around culture have recently been top of the agenda. It’s great to see people are recognising food is a great glue, bringing teams together. We are in fact quite tribal, with a need to be seen and have a sense of belonging.

The #bmFamily💜💚 culture is of course nowhere near the grand scale of the royal family, but we do have a culture that is routed in tradition and commonality. We have routines, behaviours, symbols and rituals, all of these make a culture of togetherness with a sense of welcome and purpose. Plus as a major winner for us, food is at the centre. We never need an excuse to discuss, sample or test it out – those that play together stay together after all!!

It’s going to be a great time and an excuse for a get together – maybe with your community, neighbours or family. And let’s face it, there is always joy to be had with that sense of being together and part of the same journey.