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Easter Traditions

easter traditions

Being brought up as Christian in Poland, Klaudia kindly shares some fascinating traditions her family partake in every Easter.

What does Easter mean to you?

A family reunion – It’s where we all come together over a weekend and enjoy each others’ company and the creation of traditional delicious food.

How does the weekend begin?

The Saturday morning before Easter Sunday we prepare a basket of ham, sausages, seasoning along with a sugar/chocolate lamb and colourfully painted eggs, these are then taken to church as an offering.  Each family member gets to take part in creating the colourful eggs. A lot of what we do, we do as a family.

What else do you do?

Our grandma usually makes her delicious “Zurek (Sour Soup)” consisting of white sausages and a boiled egg in a broth. She makes this on the Saturday and allows it to rest ready for Sunday morning. I always look forward to it as we don’t eat meat for 40 days before Easter Sunday. It is presented in an oval loaf, the top is cut off (creating a lid) and the bread is scooped out to create a bowl shape, the warm soup is then poured in.  This year I’m going to be making it for my friends, as I won’t be home for Easter.

We also have a tradition of “cracking the eggs” for breakfast on Sunday. We crack two together over a pan. Each member of the family has their own egg (symbolising the rebirth of Christ). If one doesn’t crack it means that person will have a lucky year.

What do you do for the rest of  Easter Sunday?

This year we will have a BBQ with lots of meat, such as ribs and sausages to celebrate.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for Easter this weekend, take a look at our recipe page