Waste reduction has become a pressing concern in the hospitality world, and at BM, it’s a passion we embrace wholeheartedly. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in the industry, with chefs and suppliers stepping up their game to find inventive solutions to minimise waste.

Since 2015, BM has been leading the charge with our annual Waste-Ed course, aimed at educating our team on creative ways to repurpose ingredients and minimise waste in our kitchen. Our Waste-Ed recipe training book is now entering its fourth edition, a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

We’ve come a long way from simple recipes like tomato jam crafted from unused deli and salad bar bits. My burnt apple puree, made from bruised or unused apples, has become a staple in our kitchen, lending its delicious flavour to dishes ranging from doughnut fillings to pork belly accompaniments. And our journey hasn’t stopped there – from fermenting pickles to crafting bread from porridge, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity.

Pioneers in the field

Chef Dan Barber’s WastED pop-up in 2017 left a lasting impression on our team, showcasing the transformative power of innovative waste reduction techniques. His restaurant, Blue Hill in New York, and his book, “The Third Plate,” serve as beacons of inspiration for chefs worldwide, including ourselves, as we continue to explore new ways to minimise waste in our kitchen.

A silver lining in challenging times

The pandemic may have brought its share of challenges, but it also provided an opportunity for reflection and growth. Home cooks became more resourceful, supermarkets started to rethink their packaging practices, and at BM, we continued to innovate with recipes that use every part of an ingredient.

It’s how we don’t plan the Friday menu at BM. Our customers love and appreciate our ‘scratch’ or ‘chef’s larder’ offer.

Introducing leftover luxuries

At BM, we take pride in minimising waste and finding creative solutions to repurpose ingredients. One of our most exciting recent initiatives involves transforming waste milk and coffee grounds from our coffee bars and hospitality meeting rooms into unique culinary creations. From coffee soda bread to orange, almond, and polenta cake, we’re turning leftovers into delightful treats. Coffee grounds, known for their rich aroma and flavour, become key components in dishes like coffee-braised beef and salt & coffee baked celeriac, showcasing the potential of overlooked ingredients.

I have shared my waste-Ed recipe for banana peel chutney. This is all about using everything you can and reducing waste.

By harnessing the potential of these ingredients, we not only reduce waste but also introduce our customers to tasty and sustainable dishes.

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