At the end of December and start of a new year life always overflows with plenty – plenty of food, fun, wine, friends and family. Nowhere is this more evident in a small location in Cape Town called the Biscuit Mill. Over the years I have watched it grow from a small farmers market to the number one place to be on a Saturday morning! In fact, its influence has been so great, that it has been responsible for copycat markets springing up all over the Cape Town area, all eager to push it from its top spot.

What I love about this food emporium above everything else is the simplicity of the cooking equipment. Incredible things can be produced on just a wooden board and portable trestle table – nothing one minute, full production kitchen the next.

I have never seen so many new and innovative concepts just piled up ready for you to eat. The photos show not only how crammed it is but also the variety and freshness of the offer. The best and most impressive is the flat bread – a thin layer of cream cheese, topped with everything and anything, popped into an oven to crisp, and served on sheet of cardboard. I also saw a heaps of stalls with simply a great fresh roll (or a wrap) being served with a selection of two or three choice fillings. Effortless and uncomplicated, but truly great food!

The Biscuit Mill has really raised the profile of what was once a quiet and deprived locale, even attracting Cape Town’s top restaurant, ‘The Tasting Room’ to locate there. It’s helped created a stellar reputation for food in the vicinity and brings trade to the local people. Although there are now artisan and quirky clothes on offer, with the wine maker and olive producer it has remained fundamentally foodie. I think that’s the secret of its success and why it remains the top spot – no matter where you are, you can’t stop the draw of great food!

Wendy Bartlett
Managing Director

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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