Oh Christmas! Why oh why do you test me so!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but for some reason when the temperature drops a little, the sun goes down just after lunch and the panic sets in that you way behind on your shopping again. I just want to cook! And I’m not talking normal meals, I mean unhealthy, indulgent, mainly sweet numbers that neither I or my waistline need.

Oh I really fancy making a panettone today, cinnamon buns for breakfast ? I haven’t cooked a brownie for ages! It was Daryll’s annual Souffle party last night, maybe I should make one? etc..

This is all a very slippery slope and easy to slightly go over the top, and all of a sudden you are having to shave your beard off to balance out your recent face swell.

The most wonderful toastie to try this Christmas

One of the things I look forward the most to this time of year is leftovers, and yes there should be some. We have a number of recipes on the website to use up the leftovers that you couldn’t quite squeeze down your gullet. but none hold a place in my heart like this toastie. Last year Scott and Phil, who are two great chefs but awful mathematicians, accidently made about 80kg too much of mincemeat (they blamed the jar size, but they know the real reason deep down).

After forcing them to watch BBC bitesize with my children, to get a better grasp on multiplication, I challenged them to come up with some recipes to use this whopper of a miscalculation and Phil cracked it. Not only with the flavour combination, but also the little extra trick to make this truly worthy of any household at Christmas. If blue cheese isn’t your thing then don’t worry, you can just swap it out for any cheese you like, but you might need to add a pinch more salt .

Mum always said, even mistakes can end up alright.

So stick on your elasticated trousers and give this a go!

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