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Kick-start your way to a healthier lifestyle

New Year, New Healthy Lifestyle

This week saw the start of our ‘We DARE you’ campaign and what a fabulous launch it was. The initiative comes from our DARE (delicious and responsible eating) program and each week we’re giving customers information about various foods and how they affect our body, our behavior and how, when eaten with other foods, can form part of a diet which will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy information

As well as posters and banners have released a series of DARE cards for our customers detailing information about 10 health lifestyle topics and we’re linking in either special deals to promote the purchase of those options or special menus using the ingredients we are focusing on. The campaign also looks at exercise as part of the working day.

The 10 weeks will cover:

  • Take it easy on yourself – starting gently by looking at balance in your diet
  • All things in moderation – information on recommended portion sizes
  • Change how you think about food – think about when and where you eat
  • Fill up on colour – get your vitamins from a balance of fruit and vegetables
  • Carbs and whole grains – what to eat and how much
  • Good and bad fats – the difference between them
  • Proteins – finding alternative sources
  • Calcium – how we can get more from our daily food
  • Sugar and Salt – how to reduce these in your diet
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  • Breakfast – start the day in a healthy way

A healthy helping hand

Our Nutritionist, Penny Hunking, is on hand to help and we have opened a group on LinkedIn where customers can ask questions about nutrition and the answers will be available for all to see. To join our group and ask a question or take part in discussions then search ‘bartlett mitchell: healthy eating at work’ or click here.

Here’s to a happy and healthy year!