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Meet the inspiring women in the #bmfamily

Whilst our attention is focused on other big issues at the moment, it’s nice to have a different headline. Here is something to make you smile and celebrate. We love to celebrate the inspiring women in the #bmfamily💜💚. We do it every year. This always coincides with International Women’s Day. As in previous years, we had no problem in finding some amazing ladies in our business.

Why have these inspiring women been recognised?

We have celebrated ladies in our team who make a difference. These ladies have passion and energy. They always give that bit more. They make a positive impact on everyone’s day. We feel women (and it’s scientifically proven) are sometimes not so keen to step forward and shout out loud for recognition. We like to do it for them and let them know we appreciate all they do.

What made the inspiring women nominations even more special?

This year we had a record number of nominations, which is fantastic! It proves how keen everyone is to recognise the contribution these ladies make. Because of the part Yapster (our internal communication app) played, the nominations were even more special this year. All team members were given a chance to say who they wanted to nominate. That’s what it means to be in a family. Everyone’s opinion is equal and everyone makes a worthwhile contributing, from the bottom to the top.

bartlett mitchell is very much a 50/50 female to male split organisation. The inspirational women awards allows us to provide women with the same opportunity for success and progression as males. We hope it gives them the confidence to recognise they have as much right to success as their male counterparts.

Recognising inspiring women

These are the reasons we feel it’s important to recognise them;

  • Boosts confidence
  • Recognises their contribution
  • Brings together people of all ages, genders, races, and religions to understand the importance of gender-equality in hospitality.

It was lovely to have bartlett mitchell’s 2020 inspirational women at our recent networking event. It allowed us to say thank you and have the opportunity for a photo. Some stayed on and I know our potential and existing clients enjoyed meeting them. They were able to celebrate and share their career stories at bartlett mitchell.

Inspiring women join #SheCooks

We also had representatives of #SheCooks, our female chef group running a station at our networking event. This new group promotes and enhances the experience of being a female in the kitchen at bartlett mitchell. It’s brilliant to see the camaraderie, support and the sense of pride created by the group. It is refreshing to hear their honesty about the issues of being the only girl in a brigade. They have found it a positive experience to share challenges and their solutions. We are looking forward to seeing this group develop to encourage and inspire all the females in our kitchens.

We have some amazing women in the business and it’s delightful to be able to celebrate them.