I know I keep barking on about this but a report last week said workers in the UK are becoming more stressed in the workplace, which is having a negative impact on their eating habits.

The workplace report carried out by Aviva Health found that long hours and workplace pressures are stopping workers from taking the breaks they need, with lunch breaks most affected. Did you know 30% of employees said they regularly don’t take a lunch break – I don’t know about you but I’d be starving! It is so important to take a break, because eating has a significant effect on morale and work place efficiency. At bartlett mitchell we’ve always laid great emphasis on the importance of enticement- healthy options, vfm, choice, energy food, food you eat on the go.

Communicating our food offer to employees is integral – they need to know what’s available – as is recognising the importance of ambience. Taking a lunch break is not just an opportunity to refuel, it may be a time to unwind and recharge batteries, in short de-stress.I am a passionate believer that our customers’ minds and bodies cope better when they’re getting the right foods, filled with essential vitamins and minerals. You can literally eat your way out of stress with power foods that will not only boost overall energy and keep you mellow, but counteract the damaging effects of stress on the body.
So what foods are good for stress?

Available on our breakfast table

Part of our desk treat packs – take them and put them in the draw for a quick nibble

One of our mixed salad leaves

Available everyday and great with spinach salad

Wedges make a great treat for your desk

Try it in a hot blondie drink from the coffee bars

Start you day with a smoothie their packed with banana

Sweet potatotes
Often available as part of the jacket potato options

Brown rice
Try it from the salad bar with fresh chopped herbs and a squeeze of lime juice

Grab a spoonful from our delicatessen counters to go with your salad or with your baked sweet potatoAnd of course a quick observation will tell you that all of these foods are ‘good for you’ too – and cunningly all part of our DARE (Delicious and Responsible Eating) program which we cook by for our clients.

But what are your tips to de-stress?
What do you do at work if you find the stress levels rising? Any handy tips we should all know of? What works for you?

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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