I’m not sure there is anything or any time in recent history to compare the past 18 months to, in relation to the impact the pandemic has had, and just how difficult and different it has been.

However, if you were to have a model of such a life event, and what a good reaction would look like, you wouldn’t have to look any further than our hospitality sector. I am proud of how our people reacted and showed resilience. I’m sure what passed would be a case study in perfection.

The support that caterers gave each other and how the people within hospitality have supported each other, in particular local charities, has been outstanding. There have been so many heroes!

Catering is a people business and because of that I feel our industry has particularly stepped up to the mark. The number of stories just within the small world of bartlett mitchell has been really heart-warming and lovely to see, especially from individuals to teams acting together to help others.

It has brought us all closer together

At bartlett mitchell we worked really hard within the #bmFamily💜💚 to stay connected, communicate and support each other.  This has put us in a stronger position going forward. I always believed how companies and leaders behaved at this time and in the months that followed would set companies and leaders apart. I’m sure we will see in coming years the outcomes of those actions – both good and bad.

National Hospitality Day

The National Hospitality Day is a nationwide celebration of all the brilliance within our teams: in all sectors of hospitality.

It’s a campaign to say a thank you and in particular to support our sector, which in many cases has meant many businesses have been brought to their knees.  So in the campaign they are asking the public to go out and help these businesses and say thank you to the teams.

National Hospitality Day – Celebrating the places we love

As always we think it’s one of the greatest honours and pleasures to be able to say thank you, so within the #bmFamily💜💚 we have said a personal thank you to our teams. The teams will be organising events within each area and over the next month making sure we let our teams know they are appreciated.

What I hope has been better appreciated by the public and as a whole – and I believe it has – is that the hospitality sector is not what the media push out as a sector of low pay but it really is a sector where there are great opportunities (I’m a living example of that), and what you do as a caterer is making a difference and it’s somewhere you can have fun, make great friends and be what customers most miss when in lockdown. Hospitality is worthwhile as it is a conduit for making the world a better place and putting a smile on someone’s face. I know I missed it and it’s good to be back and I’ll be supporting the day with enthusiasm by going out to eat and enjoy.

So please go out and enjoy some great hospitality!


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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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